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Ozone therapy is the procedure for introducing ozone into the bloodstream. That is, in order to obtain a therapeutic effect, it is necessary
inject liquefied gas directly into tissues or blood using a syringe or special devices. The procedure enriches
the body oxygenates and restores the balance of the immune and hormonal systems.

Ozone Therapy Procedure

Treatment sessions with the ozone mixture are carried out in different ways, depending on the purpose. The following types of procedures
ozone therapy:

1 BAGOT - autohemotherapy is large, requiring preliminary blood sampling from the patient. After mixing the biomaterial
with ozone, it is administered to the patient.

2 MAGOT - autohemotherapy is small. It differs from the previous one in that only 5-15 ml are taken from the patient.

3 OFR - a session of intravenous administration of the drug with ozone (200-400 ml).


Method scope

The introduction of an intravenous ozone-oxygen mixture provides a complex effect:

• antibacterial;

• anti-inflammatory;

• pain medication;

• healing;

• immunostimulating;

• cleans toxins.

The use of ozone therapy intravenously is necessary in the treatment of inflammatory, infectious diseases:

1 Elimination of oxygen starvation of tissues and organs allows the use of intravenous injections for hypoxic lesions.

2 Acceleration of metabolic processes of the intracellular and intercellular spaces helps with reduced metabolism, contributes to weight loss.

3 The ability of ozone therapy to normalize the hormonal background allows the use of the method in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the endocrine glands.

4 Cleansing the body with ozone from toxins and toxins helps with poisoning.


What does ozone therapy give intravenously:

• raises immunity;

• cleanses the skin;

• beneficial effect on blood flow;

• strengthens vascular walls;

• removes toxins from the body;

• fills with energy;

• relieves fatigue, allergies;

• helps to recover quickly after physical overstrain;

• prevents cardiovascular disease.

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