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What is the danger of an ingrown nail

After detecting the first symptoms, you must consult a surgeon. This problem is eliminated quite easily, but there is a high risk of relapse. Therefore, independent treatment of the disease is unacceptable.

In the absence of proper and timely treatment, complications with an ingrown nail are not uncommon. Most often observed:

Infection of inflamed tissues;
Development of necrosis;
Purulent inflammation of adjacent bone tissue.

The risk of developing serious complications is significantly increased in people who suffer from diabetes mellitus or circulatory disorders in the lower extremities. In such cases, untimely treatment can lead to gangrene, which subsequently leads to amputation of the finger.


The first symptom indicating changes is pain, which intensifies with pressure on the nail plate, walking, running. There is redness and swelling of the skin around the nail. Since soft tissues are injured due to nail germination, the risk of developing an infectious complication increases. In this case, pus is excreted from the damaged areas, the finger acquires a bluish-red hue, and pronounced swelling of the finger is noted. With this version of the process, the pain occurs not only when walking, but also worries a person at rest. From a cosmetic point of view, a person notices a curvature of the nail, tarnishing of the nail plate.

If such symptoms occur, you should immediately contact a surgeon to prescribe the necessary treatment. An ingrown nail is a disease that in many cases reappears. Therefore, it is important in the future to carefully monitor the condition of the nails, so that in case of discomfort or the first signs of the disease do not miss the moment, but consult a doctor in a timely manner.


The main method of treatment is surgical removal of the nail. There are several options for surgical treatment. One of the most standard and long-used methods is to remove the edge of the nail or the entire nail plate with a scalpel.

The procedure is absolutely painless;
Does not require suturing and daily dressings;
Fast enough healing;
The most accurate removal of affected areas;
The risk of developing postoperative infection due to the sterilization effect of the beam is reduced.

You can safely begin the treatment that we carry out as quickly and effectively as possible in Tashkent. Gatling Med Clinic will make you confident in yourself and in your health!