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Narrowing of the ureter

The ureter is a paired, hollow organ that sits between the kidney and the bladder and connects them. Normally, it has three anatomically determined narrowings, where its diameter decreases to 2-3 mm. If the human excretory system is healthy, then they can easily expand and return to their previous position, which is achieved due to the elasticity of their walls. However, under some circumstances, fibrous proliferation of tissues occurs, and foci of sclerosis appear, as a result of which the normal functioning of the organ is markedly reduced.

Causes of the narrowing of the ureter

The main reason for the narrowing of the ureter is the violation of the integrity of its internal walls, as a result of which the regeneration process starts through the formation of fibrous tissue in the narrowed area. According to the classification and taking into account the nature of the pathological effect on the urinary organ, it is customary to separate congenital and acquired strictures.

The former include physiological narrowing of the ureter, which includes ischemic or cicatricial lesions due to anatomical abnormalities. They form at 1-2 months of intrauterine development and are noted in the infant at birth. Acquired pathologies are divided into several types, depending on the factors of influence.

1 Open. They are considered a consequence of cavity (gunshot or stab) wounds or surgery.

2 Inflammatory. They appear as a result of the occurrence of diseases of an infectious nature that occur in a chronic form: cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis.

3 Oncological. They appear as a result of compression by various neoplasms - a tumor or a cyst.

Dangerous consequences

In most cases, narrowing of the ureter in women and men, if untreated, can lead to dangerous complications and serious consequences. The severity is due to the speed of development of the pathology. The following conditions are considered the most common results of stenosis:

1 Pyelonephritis is an infectious and inflammatory process that develops against the background of urinary stagnation.

2 Hydronephrosis is an expansion of the calyx-pelvis system.

3 Chronic renal failure - a decrease in the filtration capacity of the kidney parenchyma due to impaired blood circulation.

4 Atrophy - shrinkage of the affected organ due to loss of functionality due to narrowing of the outlet duct.

With strong or multifocal stenosis of the ureter, the likelihood of developing dangerous complications increases:

Chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma;

• Kidney cysts;



Rupture of the ureter.

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