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Liver cirrhosis is a pathology in which normal cells are replaced by scar tissue. This leads to the fact that the organ is unable to function normally. Toxins and bile accumulate in the liver, poisoning the entire body. In most cases, the disease is diagnosed in middle-aged and retired men.

The main causes of cirrhosis are hepatitis and alcohol abuse. Also in the development of the disease can play a role:

autoimmune disorders;
genetic disorders;
chronic cholestasis (impaired bile outflow);
blockage of the hepatic veins.
It is imperative to recognize this disease as early as possible. Cirrhosis can be asymptomatic for many years. A third of patients never develop symptoms. Often the first symptoms are nonspecific; at the initial stages, the symptoms of the disease are as follows:

decreased appetite, weight loss;
general malaise, headaches;
aching pain in the right hypochondrium or in the upper abdomen;
enlargement of the spleen;
a change in the size of the liver (both a sharp increase and a decrease);
a sharp increase in the size of the abdomen (occurs due to the accumulation of fluid);
belching, nausea, bitterness in the mouth, flatulence;
violation of the outflow of urine;
an increase in the size of veins on the anterior abdominal wall;
change in skin tone around the navel (it becomes bluish in color);
the appearance of reddish spots on the chest, back and shoulders;
redness of the palms;
in men: breast enlargement, hair loss in the armpits and pubic hair, sexual dysfunction;

in women: menstrual irregularities.

Gradually, with cirrhosis, the patient develops jaundice, itching is possible.


The diagnosis is made by narrow specialists: a gastroenterologist and a hepatologist.

After collecting complaints and visual examination, the patient will be sent for examination:

blood tests (biochemical, for the presence of hepatitis);
Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity;
If necessary, appoint additional studies:
radioisotope study of the liver;
liver biopsy.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely defeat cirrhosis of the liver, but if the disease is detected in the early stages, then it can be slowed down. With an advanced form of cirrhosis, therapeutic measures are aimed at relieving symptoms and combating possible complications.

Treatment of cirrhosis is complex, and includes:

special diet;
antiviral drugs;
hormonal agents (for autoimmune diseases);
drugs that have a beneficial effect on liver cells;
In severe cases, cirrhosis should be treated in a hospital setting.

In some situations, surgery is necessary:

removal of fluid from the abdominal cavity (paracentesis);
liver transplant.
Portal hypertension is the most common serious complication of cirrhosis, and in turn, it can cause complications, including:
Gastrointestinal bleeding from the esophagus, stomach or rectal varicose veins, as well as portal hypertensive gastropathy
Acute kidney injury (hepatic renal syndrome)
Pulmonary hypertension (portopulmonary hypertension)
Hepatopulmonary syndrome (intrapulmonary shunt)

The expert level of diagnostics of liver cirrhosis, its causes and severity is provided by the high qualifications of our specialists and advanced equipment.
Until recently, the disease was considered fatal, and most patients died within a few years after diagnosis from liver cancer, which develops in about 5% of cases, from liver failure leading to coma, bleeding from the dilated veins of the esophagus and other consequences of cirrhosis.

Fortunately, medicine does not stand still, and today, with timely diagnosis and immediate treatment, the prognosis is much more favorable: many patients who have undergone liver cirrhosis treatment live and thrive for many years.

Timely referral to specialists increases the chances of successful treatment and prolongation of life. Such patients need constant medical supervision and supportive therapy for cirrhosis, aimed at compensating for liver failure.

That is why, if you have the slightest suspicion of this disease or the threat of its development, you should immediately contact a specialist.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!