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Hysterosalpingography is a non-invasive X-ray diagnostic method. Used to assess the shape, size, condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes. The procedure complements the information obtained by ultrasound and laboratory examination methods. It is carried out using a radiopaque substance.
At Gatling-Med, hysterosalpingography is performed by doctors who have undergone appropriate training and regularly improve their qualifications. We guarantee the comfort of the procedure and the fastest possible results. Modern digital equipment provides high clarity of images and information content, combined with minimal radiation exposure.

When hysterosalpingography is prescribed X-ray examination of the reproductive organs is included in a comprehensive examination for infertility. The main indication is the suspicion of obstruction of the fallopian tubes and changes in the structure of the endometrium.

Hysterosalpingography is also prescribed in other cases:

  1. adenomyosis;
  2. intrauterine adhesions;
  3. underdevelopment and deformation of the uterus;
  4. hyperplastic changes in the endometrium, incl. polyps;
  5. habitual miscarriage;
  6. adhesions and a decrease in the lumen of the fallopian tubes;
  7. deformation of pipes.

Hysterosalpingography is recommended for the following symptoms:

  1. pain in the lower abdomen of unknown origin;
  2. discomfort during intercourse;
  3. amenorrhea;
  4. intermenstrual bleeding;
  5. phenotypic signs of hormonal imbalance (hair growth, striae, obesity).

How to Prepare? No special preparation is required before the procedure. The specialist will advise on which day the hysterosalpingography will be most informative. As a rule, the study is carried out on the 6-7th day after the onset of menstruation, i.e. the time when the patient's pregnancy is impossible. On the day of the procedure, you must take a morning shower. No other preparatory measures are required. Acute inflammatory diseases and injuries of the genital organs, menstruation are contraindications for hysterosalpingography.

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