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An anal canal polyp is a spherical neoplasm formed from the mucous membrane of the anal canal. May have a leg or a wide base. There may be single polyps or group polyps. Anal polyps are benign formations, but if untreated, they can degenerate into malignant ones. Removing anal polyps is an effective method to get rid of the problem. Polyps are benign growths that usually do not pose a threat. However, there is a risk of their degeneration into a malignant tumor. For this reason, doctors recommend removing anal polyps immediately after they are detected.

Anal polyps are also signs of other diseases - anal fissure, hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, colitis, rectal cancer. The disease belongs to a group of high cancer risk. The frequency and degree of malignancy of polyps depends on their size and location, the duration of the disease, the characteristics of the cellular structure, the age of the person.

- Detection of blood after the act of defecation.  
- Visually noticeable bulging in the anal area. Polyps are often mistaken for hemorrhoids.
- Pain during the act of defecation.
- Complaints about the feeling of discomfort, the feeling of a foreign object in the anus.
- Alternating constipation and diarrhea.
- When the formations reach large sizes, spasms and pain in the intestines may be observed.

Anal polyp treatment
- There are no conservative treatments for polyps and tumors. Attempts of this kind lead to postponement of the operation and further progression of the disease up to malignancy.
- Any polyps found must be removed to reduce the likelihood of colon cancer developing in the future.
- After removal of polyps, it is recommended to be examined every 3 to 5 years.

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