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Anus fissure is one of the most common diseases that occurs in both adults and children. It is most often diagnosed in postpartum women. A fissure in the anus is a wound defect on the mucous membrane of the anal canal, which can have a linear or oval shape and rarely exceed 1 cm in size.
A fissure in the anus is very painful, therefore it gives a person discomfort, and sometimes physical suffering.

- traces of blood after a bowel movement;
- pain, burning, tingling during and after bowel movement;
- spasms of the anal sphincter;
- itching in the anus;
- the presence of a sentinel tubercle (in chronic form).

A fissure of the anus in an acute form is quite easy to treat. For effective therapy, the doctor prescribes:

- suppositories, ointments with anesthetic, antispasmodic and wound healing effect;
- preparations for softening stool and preventing constipation;
- a diet high in fiber;
- pain relievers (for severe cramps and pain);
- physiotherapy to eliminate spasms;
- performing exercises of physiotherapy exercises, allowing to activate blood circulation and facilitate the passage of feces through the intestines.
- physiotherapy (darsonvalization, UHF, diathermy, etc.)
- antiseptic agents
- proteolytic enzymes
- microclysters
- exclusion of independent chair

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