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Sigmoidoscopy is an endoscopic method that allows diagnosing pathologies of the sigmoid and rectum with high reliability.
Sigmoidoscopy is a diagnostic method in which a visual examination of the intestinal mucosa is performed. The examination is carried out using a sigmoidoscope - a device in the form of a tube with an illuminator and an air blower.

Benefits of sigmoidoscopy:
- accurate and painless diagnosis of erosions, ulcers, tumors, inflammation of the mucous membrane, as well as the identification of other proctological diseases
- allows you to collect material for biopsy and detect colon cancer at the initial stage

The research is carried out for preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In order to detect a tumor, polyps or other formations in time, to prevent their development, people over 40 are recommended to undergo an examination once a year.
If the patient is about to have an X-ray imaging of the colon, it is also recommended that an RRS be done beforehand. Many minor but major changes in the intestine are diagnosed exclusively endoscopically.

It should be used in the following cases: 
- if you suspect an oncological disease;
- with bleeding, mucus or pus from the intestines;
- in case of violation of the chair;
- with chronic inflammation of the rectum, hemorrhoids and other pathologies;
- if you suspect the development of a prostate tumor (in men) or a tumor of the pelvic organs (in women);
- before further bowel examination procedures (irrigoscopy, colonoscopy).

If a sigmoidoscopy is indicated for you, do not delay, undergo an examination of the rectum and sigmoid colon in our hospital, where you will find an individual approach, high-quality diagnostics and, if necessary, effective gentle treatment.

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