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Rectal fistula is a chronic inflammatory process in pararectal tissue, with damage to the anal crypt (the entrance gate for infection is the internal fistulous opening), and the presence of a fistulous passage. As a rule, the onset of the disease is acute purulent paraproctitis (acute purulent inflammation in the pararectal tissue), which requires urgent surgical treatment.
- discomfort and pain in the anal area; 
- delay in urination and defecation; 
- secretion of mucus, infiltration, pus from the rectum;
- increased body temperature, chills; 
- redness and irritation of the skin around the anus and partially the buttocks.   
Chronic paraproctitis during an exacerbation gives the following symptoms:
- fast fatiguability;
- sleep disturbance;
- nervous exhaustion;
- headache;
- regular increase in body temperature;
- intimate disorders;
- gas incontinence.
Treatment methods
There are no conservative methods for treating rectal fistula. The pathological course in the tissues cannot be eliminated with the help of drugs. Therefore, medications can only prevent exacerbation, suppuration, alleviate the general condition, but not cope with the main problem.

Physiotherapy methods, medications are used to prepare for surgery or as a way to recover. Typically, a doctor will prescribe the following medications to support and prevent complications:
- pain relievers;
- systemic and local antibiotics;
- local drugs to accelerate healing;
- medicines to regulate bowel function.
The course of physiotherapy can include electrophoresis and ultraviolet irradiation, magnetic and ultrasound therapy.

Surgical treatment is focused on excision of the fistulous tract and restoration of tissue integrity. It is important to note that with an exacerbation of the disease, the abscess is opened more often, and the fistula excision operation itself is performed as planned after the acute symptoms have been removed. This is due to the fact that in conditions of inflamed tissues, it is more difficult to detect and correctly excision the canal.

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