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Umbilical hernia is a surgical pathology in which the abdominal organs go beyond their physiological position through the structures of the umbilical ring.
In the hernial sac, intestinal loops, parts of the omentum or peritoneum can be found. This disease is less common in adults, more often it occurs in childhood. However, it takes place in the structure of surgical diseases and requires careful attention.

For an umbilical hernia, the following symptoms are characteristic:
- Protrusion of the navel. Especially the protrusion is clearly visible in the standing position and when the person bends forward. In the supine position, the hernia can spontaneously fall into the navel.  
- Feeling of jolts, clicks in the navel area.
- Indigestion and constipation.
- Problems with urination (in cases where part of the bladder enters the hernial sac).
- Pain in the abdomen, especially pronounced in the navel area (during exercise, while sneezing, coughing, going to the toilet).
- Swelling, swelling and discoloration of the skin on the abdomen.
- Nausea and vomiting (more often - with strangulated hernias, the appearance of adhesions).

Treatment (treatment methods)
Wait-and-see technique (under medical supervision). It is used only in the treatment of hernias in childhood. By the age of 5 years, a hernia may disappear spontaneously. The decision - to resort to a wait-and-see technique or more radical methods of treatment is made by the doctor based on the size of the hernia, concomitant diseases of the child.
Wearing a bandage. Does not allow to solve the problem completely, but minimizes the risks of pathology development. It is prescribed if it is impossible to urgently perform an operation (for example, in late pregnancy).
Surgery. Operations can be emergency and planned. Emergency surgical intervention is resorted to if the hernial sac is infringed, the inflammatory process is pronounced, intestinal obstruction is diagnosed, bleeding has developed. In emergency hernia repair, surgeons are focused on abdominal operations. Rehabilitation after such operations is long-term. But when a hernia is infringed, doctors are fighting for a person's life, and therefore the use of abdominal operations in this case is justified. For planned operations, surgeons resort to laporoscopic hernioplasty. The pain is minimal. The recovery process is fast enough.

Surgical operations can be aimed at solving two problems - excision of hernias or suturing of the hernial orifice. Operations aimed at excision of hernias are called hernia incisions. Suturing operations are more commonly known as hernioplasty.

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