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A femoral hernia is a type of hernia of the anterior abdominal wall, in which the organs of the abdominal cavity (intestines, omentum, bladder) extend beyond the anterior abdominal wall through the femoral canal.
Normally, the femoral canal does not exist, it occurs only when the hernia itself appears within the so-called "Scarp Triangle". This triangle is located in the upper third of the inner thigh under the inguinal ligament.

Femoral hernia symptoms
As a rule, at the initial and canal stages of the development of a muscular hernia on the thigh, patients do not notice any changes. Occasionally, pain in the groin or thigh area is possible due to physical exertion, coughing, etc. Symptoms of the disease appear at full stage. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor if the following signs of illness appear:
- the appearance of a soft to the touch, rounded formation in the area of ​​the inguinal-femoral fold; 
- pain in the lower abdomen or groin area;
- bloating, increased gas production, constipation, nausea, vomiting, if parts of the intestine are in the hernial sac;

- painful, frequent or difficult urination, if the contents of the hernia are parts of the bladder.

Femoral hernia treatment  
A patient with a formed hernia can only be cured surgically:
- for uncomplicated hernias, surgical treatment is performed in a planned manner;
- in case of infringement and inflammation in the protrusion area, an emergency operation is indicated.
The aim of the surgical intervention is to restore the anatomical relationships of the anterior abdominal wall lost as a result of the development of the disease. Reduction or resection of organs that are the contents of the hernial sac is performed, followed by plastic closure of defects in the anterior abdominal wall (femoral ring and femoral canal). This intervention is called hernioplasty.

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