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Contact lithotripsy (removal of stones) of the ureter is a modern non-invasive method of crushing and removing stones from the bladder. Lithotripsy is a safe alternative to abdominal surgery for the treatment of urolithiasis. Lithotripsy is a high-tech technique for the non-contact destruction of stones of any type in case of urolithiasis. Laser lithotripsy is performed using a mini-video camera and a special laser probe, a lithotripter, to the stone through the urinary tract. With the help of a lithotripter, the stone is destroyed, turning into small fragments and sand.
Endoscopic visual control allows you to crush a stone in any part of the urinary tract or kidneys and completely remove the stone fragments outside.
Preparation for crushing and removing kidney stones includes the delivery of tests (blood, urine), blood clotting test, ultrasound of the kidneys and urinary tract, ECG, chest X-ray.
All this is necessary to identify possible contraindications, as well as to select the most appropriate method for getting rid of stones. In addition to consulting a surgeon, you will need an anesthesiologist's consultation.
Also, experts recommend that patients undergo a course of antibiotics and drugs to improve blood circulation.
The operation is performed strictly on an empty stomach, so the last meal is possible no later than 12 hours before the procedure. Also, immediately before the intervention, you should cleanse the intestines with an enema.

Contact lithotripsy is performed in 3 ways:
• Crushing of kidney stones by ultrasound - used to remove low density stones;
• Laser Considered the most versatile because allows you to get rid of stones of any density;
• Pneumatic. Compressed air pulses are used to crush stones. Not suitable for high density calculi
Regardless of the chosen technique, the effect is only on the stones, and the tissues remain intact. The duration of the operation is usually no more than an hour.
Usually, the operation is performed under spinal anesthesia, which has less negative effects than full anesthesia. During the procedure, a special device (urethroscope) with an optical system is inserted into the ureter, which displays an image on a monitor. Then a probe is brought to the stone, which crushes the stones. For complete removal of stones, one session of contact lithotripsy is enough.
Today, contact lithotripsy is recognized as the most effective method of getting rid of stones, but it should be remembered that the procedure does not solve the problem of stone formation. Therefore, after the procedure, therapy is needed to normalize metabolism. To learn more about contact lithotripsy, make an appointment with a Gatling-Med.

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