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Polyp of the cervical canal - A benign formation of the cervix, accompanied by bloody and mucous discharge, painful sensations during sexual intercourse. But unfortunately, the disease often does not manifest itself in anything, and the polyp is found during a routine examination. Often, the first manifestations of a polyp are found when an infection is attached and ulcerated, or with other injuries of the cervix.
Polyp of the cervix is ​​a fairly common disease, accounting for about 25% of cases of all pathologies of the cervix. It is necessary to remove the polyp, since the list of possible complications for women's health is quite large. First of all, this is the alertness of the degeneration of the polyp into a malignant form, therefore, mandatory medical supervision is necessary!
Possible problems such as difficulties with conception (infertility), irregularities in the menstrual cycle, often accompany the cervical polyp. However, the polyp itself is not the cause of such conditions, but hormones or other gynecological diseases that contribute to the growth of the polyp. If you are planning a pregnancy, then take care of the treatment of the polyp in advance, as it can cause the threat of termination of pregnancy at any time.

The main symptoms of a polyp of the cervical canal:

  • strong discharge, including bloody;
  • profuse and sometimes painful menstruation;
  • the appearance of blood during sexual intercourse, indicating damage to the polyp;
  • cramping pain, pathological serous and serous-purulent leucorrhoea, characteristic of large (from 20 mm) polyps.


Carefully prepare for the removal of the polyp of the cervical canal. That is, eliminate all concomitant diseases and infections. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection of the wound that appeared after removal of the formation. The effectiveness of the procedure, the safety and well-being of a woman directly depend on the level of the doctor's qualifications.
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