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Hypertensive crisis (HA) is a condition manifested by high blood pressure (systolic "upper" blood pressure, usually more than 180 mm Hg; diastolic "lower" blood pressure - more than 120 mm Hg) and the following symptoms:

  1. headache, more often in the occipital region, or heaviness and noise in the head;
  2. flashing "flies", a veil or a net before the eyes;
  3. nausea, feeling of weakness, overwork, internal tension;
  4. shortness of breath, weakness, constant monotonous aching pain / discomfort in the heart area;
  5. the appearance or growth of pastiness / swelling of the skin of the face, arms, legs.
  6. First aid measures

When symptoms of a hypertensive crisis appear, you must:

  1. Remove bright light, provide peace, access to fresh air (open shirt collars, ventilate the room, etc.).
  2. Measure blood pressure (see the method for measuring blood pressure at the end of this section), and if its "upper" level is higher or equal to 160 mm Hg. Art., it is necessary to take an antihypertensive drug previously recommended by a doctor. In the absence of a doctor-recommended antihypertensive drug or when registering blood pressure above 200 mm Hg. Art. urgently need to call an ambulance.
  3. Before the arrival of an ambulance, it is necessary, if possible, to sit in a chair with armrests and take a hot foot bath (put your feet in a container of hot water).


A patient with a hypertensive crisis is prohibited from any sudden movements (to get up abruptly, sit down, lie down, bend over, push) and any physical activity.
In 40-60 minutes after taking the medicine recommended by the doctor, it is necessary to re-measure the blood pressure, and if its level has not decreased by 20-30 mm Hg. Art. from the initial and / or the condition has not improved - urgently call an ambulance.
If you feel better and lower blood pressure, you need to rest (go to bed with a raised headboard) and then consult your local (family) doctor.
When talking with a doctor, it is necessary to clarify which drugs you need to take in the development of a hypertensive crisis, clearly write down their names, dosage and time sequence (algorithm) of their intake, and also clarify with the doctor for what manifestations of the  disease you need to urgently call an ambulance
All patients with hypertensive disease need to form an individual mini-first aid kit for hypertensive crisis and constantly carry it with them, since a hypertensive crisis can develop at any time and in any place.

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