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Any pneumonia is damage to the lungs, intoxication and oxygen starvation of all organs, the development of respiratory failure and, as a result, a violation of the most important functions of the body.
Viral pneumonia more often than other types of pneumonia lead to damage to the lungs, since the pathological process often covers not individual areas, but the entire lung tissue.

Compared to other types of viral or viral-bacterial pneumonia, coronavirus pneumonia causes even more serious lung damage.
The discovery was that in people, even with a low-symptom course of the disease, the lungs can also be damaged. Computed tomography describes large areas of reduced transparency of the lung tissue - the so-called "frosted glass symptom". Subsequently, at the site of the damaged areas, fibrosis occurs, replacement of lung tissue with connective tissue (scars). Because of this, patients, especially those who have suffered a severe illness, develop chronic respiratory failure and other chronic lung diseases.

Non-pulmonary complications of viral pneumonia and, especially, coronavirus pneumonia, are most often the worsening of chronic diseases of the heart, brain, kidneys, endocrine system.

Can develop:

1.Acute pathology of the cardiovascular system - acute myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle),
2.from the nervous system - meningitis, encephalitis
3. acute pathology of other organs.

In addition, the syndrome of "post-viral asthenia" is known, when a person is worried about general weakness, fatigue, irritability, frequent mood swings, sleep disturbances, depression, which also requires therapeutic measures, strengthening the body.
At risk are people with hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, oncological pathology, other severe chronic diseases, as well as representatives of the older generation 65+
During the recovery period after a viral (especially coronavirus pneumonia), it is very important to prevent the progression of respiratory failure as much as possible, to correct the treatment of chronic diseases in a timely manner and diagnose acute complications.
Recovery after pneumonia of various origins is a slow process. The recovery time for each person will be different - depending on age, general condition of the body, concomitant chronic diseases.

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