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What is a cyst of the Bartholin gland? The Bartholin gland is a paired organ, i.e. every woman has two such glands. They are located on the eve of the vagina, in the thickness of the labia majora. The gland produces a secretion, a protein-rich, viscous, grayish liquid that serves to moisturize the vagina. At the time of sexual arousal, the amount of secretion produced increases, which contributes to a favorable course of sexual intercourse.

The secret enters the vagina through the ducts that open on the inside of the labia minora. An inflammatory process in the vagina can lead to a blockage of the duct. In this case, the fluid produced by the gland begins to accumulate in the subcutaneous fat, and a cyst occurs.
The cyst of the Bartholin gland looks like a rounded swelling of the labia. With a small size, the cyst may be invisible. A large cyst (1 cm or more) causes discomfort and pain during movement and during intercourse.
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A cyst of the Bartholin gland is a blockage of a gland located in the vestibule of the vagina, with a delay in the duct of fluid contents. There is a swelling that causes discomfort when walking or running, urinating, or having sex. Since the secret for increasing the level of moisture from the gland is not supplied, there is an increased dryness of the vaginal mucosa, which increases the risk of developing pathogenic microflora.

The reasons for the development of a cyst can be chronic inflammation of the Bartholin gland, sexually transmitted diseases, infections of the genitourinary system, the presence of inflammatory foci in the body. Treatment with surgical methods is carried out in cases of a large cyst or its suppuration.

Causes and risk factors

Cysts and abscesses of the Bartholin gland are quite common. Main reasons -
1. Inflammatory process;
2. Trauma (cut, bruise);
3. Concomitant diseases: bacterial (eg E. coli) or infectious (eg gonorrhea or chlamydia).

Bartholin gland cyst symptoms

1. Rounded formation in the labia
2. Discomfort when driving
3. Pain during intercourse
4. Increased body temperature
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