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One of the most common diseases of the abdominal organs is appendicitis, which affects patients of any age. But, the older the patient, the less likely to get sick with acute appendicitis.

The diagnosis of acute appendicitis is an indication for emergency surgery, and time is working against the patient, because more inflammation develops in the abdominal cavity. Inflammation of the appendix is ​​spread to neighboring organs. With a delay in performing surgery, peritonitis and life-threatening complications may develop.

Symptoms of appendicitis The symptoms of appendicitis are quite obvious, but even though severe pain and other factors that indicate the presence of inflammation may occur, people cannot always identify the problem in time. We will tell you what are the main symptoms of appendicitis, how to notice pathology and inflammation in time and what to do in such a situation.
If a child develops acute appendicitis, he will complain of abdominal pain. But do not immediately raise a panic, because pain can occur for other reasons. The main rule in such a situation is to control yourself and take consistent steps to provide first aid. Finding symptoms in an adult is no different.
Appendicitis develops gradually, but the inflammation that occurs with an ailment affects the body instantly. The process begins to swell in the first few hours after the onset of the inflammatory process. It gradually fills with pus. In the absence of surgery within 3-4 days, the bag will simply burst, and the pus will spread into the abdominal cavity. Therefore, in case of acute appendicitis, you need to immediately consult a doctor for help, and call an ambulance and immediately go for surgery.

Treatment of appendicitis When the first signs of appendicitis are noticeable, this suggests that you need to immediately visit a medical center. It is better if a person manages to visit a medical institution on his own, and not bring his health to an emergency call. Unfortunately, the processes take place instantly, after 2-3 days the state of health is approaching critical. That is why it is important to know how appendicitis begins and what to do in this case.
The treatment process often takes place through an operation. But there are cases when the operation is impossible or there is no great need for it. In an acute condition, other methods of exposure are excluded, but with timely treatment, the doctor can offer alternative methods.

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