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A stomach ulcer is a disease associated with a violation of the mucous membrane of the said organ. The walls of the stomach lose their integrity due to erosion by gastric juice, as a result of which ulcers occur. The disease is chronic, it is characterized by typical symptoms, as well as periods of remission and exacerbation.

Reasons for development The main difference between stomach ulcers and other diseases is deep tissue damage. Even after treatment and rehabilitation period, scars remain on the walls of the stomach. Medicine identifies several factors that contribute to the manifestation of diseases. Quite often, stress and medication are provoking reasons.

Main symptoms The main symptom of a stomach ulcer is pain. Even at an early stage of development, the pain syndrome appears after eating and goes away if you drink water. At first, discomfort is felt only after eating salty, spicy or spicy foods. Elimination of these foods from the diet leads to attenuation of symptoms. The person believes that he is healthy and is in no hurry to see a doctor. However, soon the discomfort intensifies, a pain syndrome of moderate intensity appears, and problems with food digestion are observed. The second symptom of a stomach ulcer is heartburn. It is often accompanied by a burning sensation or pain in the chest area.

The following symptoms are added to the mentioned signs:

  1. belching with a sour taste;
  2. nausea and urge to vomit;
  3. feeling of heaviness in the stomach;
  4. fast saturation;
  5. loss of appetite;
  6. stool disturbance;
  7. increased gas formation;
  8. bloating.

Diagnostics and treatment As a rule, the treatment of stomach ulcers is done in inpatient conditions. This approach helps to constantly assess the state of health and, in case of emergency, to carry out surgery on the stomach.

Stomach ulcer treatment combines an integrated approach to the problem. Fast treatment of stomach ulcers is impossible - it will take time to restore the tissues of the mucous membrane.

Before starting treatment, it is important to go through a series of laboratory and hardware tests. Among them:

1. endoscopic examination;
2. radiography;
3. general blood and urine tests;
4. Ultrasound of internal organs;
5. a study for the level of acidity and other diagnostic methods.

How to treat a stomach ulcer depends on the findings of the examination. If the bacterium Helicobacter has become the causative agent of the disease, it is removed from the body in the first place.In the treatment of stomach ulcers, different groups of medicines are used. These are drugs for relieving pain, drugs for reducing gastric secretion. For the treatment of severe gastric ulcers, they resort to surgical intervention.

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