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If you do not engage in timely treatment, then the duodenal ulcer will progress. This can cause perforation, bleeding, penetration, narrowing of the intestinal lumen, less often cancer. The risks of death increase in the absence of appropriate treatment for chronic duodenal ulcers.

Disease types
1. ulcer without bleeding;
2. an ulcer with bleeding;
3. ulcer with perforation;
4. combined ulcer (peptic ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer, stomach).

Symptoms Pathology is sometimes accompanied by the absence of characteristic symptoms. However, in most cases, they manifest:
1. pain at the location of the duodenum (the right side above the navel and below the sternum) - often on an empty stomach, at night, and also in the off-season;
2.sharp pain in the abdomen,
3. that extend into the back and under the scapula;
4. bloating due to increased gas production;
5. constipation;
6. discomfort from defective deformation (partial bowel movement);
7. belching;
8. nausea and vomiting.

Treatment Therapy is aimed at:
1.importance to restore balance between protective functions and possible factors of aggression;
2. Elimination of the destructive effect of Helicobacter Pylori, due to its elimination - eradication.
3. drug treatment is aimed at reducing acidity, restoring the integrity of the mucous membrane, eradication of Helicobacter Pylori.
4. a diet that excludes fatty, spicy, sour foods (a varied menu with an emphasis on stewed, boiled foods rich in slow carbohydrates, proteins);
5. reasonable physical activity, excluding overwork, stressful conditions (the tone of the vagus nerve can be reduced with the help of tranquilizers, sedatives, as well as psychological trainings);
6. exclusion of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, low alcohol drinks, champagne, beer, sour wines, strong alcoholic drinks are also not recommended).
In case of ineffectiveness of drug therapy or the development of complications, surgical treatment is recommended.

Emergency help with an attack With an attack of duodenal ulcer, the inability to use medical help, the following rules of behavior should be adhered to:
1. you need to immediately stop engaging in physical activity, take a lying position;
2. take an antispasmodic (for example, duspatalin or no-shpu);
3. take an antacid in liquid form (enveloping effect);
4. on the first day sparing mashed food: it is better to eat rice or semolina porridge + soufflé from boiled poultry meat;
5. Make an appointment with a specialized medical specialist - a gastroenterologist.

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