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What is tubal obstruction?
The fallopian tubes are hollow organs through which the egg moves from the ovary into the uterine cavity. This process is provided by peristalsis, while the cilia of the epithelium lining the tube from the inside move towards the uterus.
Obstruction of the fallopian tubes causes infertility. This factor accounts for about half of cases of impaired fertility. Another danger, especially with partial obstruction, lies in the increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. Today, obstruction of the fallopian tubes is one of the most common causes of female infertility. This condition does not allow a married couple to have a child in 20-25 percent of cases, and therefore modern medicine pays increased attention to it. In the clinic "Gatling Med" various methods of diagnosis and treatment of such problems with the patency of the fallopian tubes are presented, which most likely guarantee the onset of the desired pregnancy.

Symptoms In most cases there are no symptoms, even if there is an inflammatory process. Only with a pronounced exacerbation can nonspecific signs appear:
1. pain in the lower abdomen, mainly from the side of the lesion;
2. bloating, constipation, or, conversely, diarrhea;
3. violation of the menstrual cycle;
4 frequent urination;
5 pain during intercourse.

Methods of treatment Depending on the type of obstruction, conservative or surgical treatment can be used. Sometimes assisted reproduction methods are indispensable for the onset of pregnancy.
1. Conservative treatment Conservative treatment is effective only in the early stages of the inflammatory process, when most of the ciliated epithelium is preserved. To treat the infection, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs are prescribed, and enzymes can also be used that accelerate the lysis of delicate adhesions.
Hormone therapy is prescribed for concomitant disorders of the endocrine status to increase fertility.
2. Surgical treatment Surgical treatment is carried out according to the following indications: compression of the pipe by soldering from the outside; endometriodal heterotopies (combined with hormone therapy to increase efficiency); cicatricial deformities.

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