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The popularity and availability of plastic surgery has grown over the past decades. Many women seek to get rid of real or imaginary flaws in their appearance with her help. Changing the size and shape of the breast is one of the tasks that a plastic surgeon can successfully solve.

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery aimed at changing the size and shape of the breast.
A beautiful elastic breast is a guarantee of self-confidence, in general, it has a positive effect on the psychological state of a woman. Experienced plastic surgeons Gatling-med Clinic will help girls and women with the issue of restoring the aesthetics of the appearance of the mammary glands, perform plastic surgery on breasts, simultaneously helping to solve a large number of psychological problems and eliminate complexes.

When deciding to undergo mammoplasty, of course, it is necessary to take into account the degree of satisfaction of the girl with the appearance, shape and size of her breasts. But, since breast plastic surgery is an operation, mammoplasty is recommended if there are objective indications for it. The main indications for breast surgery are:

  1. Breast augmentation
  2. Breast reduction
  3. Breast lift
  4. Breast reconstruction
  5. Areola and nipple correction
  6. Replacing implants
    Breast augmentation step by step

1. Where to start? You arrive at the clinic and meet your doctor. At the consultation, you can discuss the details of the operation, the size and location of the implants and ask the doctor all your questions.
2. Preparation for the procedure You undergo a number of laboratory tests, as well as a consultation with an anesthesiologist. The doctor will determine the anesthesia plan and give some simple guidelines for preparing for the procedure.
3. Surgery More often, breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 1 to 2 hours. The procedure is not very traumatic and is generally easily tolerated by patients.
4. after surgery Most women return to their usual routine within 2-3 days, and after 1-2 weeks they can return to work. Full recovery after surgery will take several months - during this period you will need to follow the doctor's recommendations regarding physical activity and sleep patterns. It is very important to wear a special bra for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!