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According to various studies, climacteric neurosis accompanies the onset of menopause from 30% to 60% of women. The hormonal changes associated with this process affect not only the body, but also the mental state of the woman. The climacteric period can last for years and the longer the symptoms of the accompanying neurotic disorder are ignored, the stronger they become and the deeper they take root in the psyche. This disorder, despite its natural causes, requires the same serious treatment as other mental disorders.

Symptoms of neurosis during menopause

The symptoms of climacteric neurosis are not much different from the symptoms of other types of neurosis. As a rule, among the manifestations of this ailment, women note chronic fatigue and weakness, rapid fatigability, irritability, and mood swings. In addition, vegetative-vascular disorders such as unstable blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, excessive sweating, and so on can develop. Of course, not all women have a course of menopause accompanied by the onset of pathology. The appearance of neurosis is also associated with the initial state of health of the patient's body and psyche, as she felt before the onset of premenopause. Thus, the possibility of the development of climacteric neurosis can be recorded even earlier than the rest of the symptoms of menopause appear.

Treatment of neurosis

As with all other mental illnesses, the treatment of climacteric neurosis should take place only under the guidance of a doctor, since all the features of the patient's symptoms must be taken into account in order to prescribe the most effective therapy. First of all, hormonal drugs are prescribed, the purpose of which is to level the hormonal background of a woman, which is achieved even with a low level of estrogen. It is much more difficult to get rid of vegetative-vascular disorders, they can manifest themselves over several years. Work with the psychoemotional state falls on the shoulders of a psychotherapist and psychologist, who can not only prescribe different types of therapy, but also prescribe treatment with pharmaceuticals. Often women with this neurosis are prescribed antidepressants or tranquilizers.

When fulfilling all the appointments and undergoing therapy, a woman can improve her emotional state, begin to adequately perceive the changes taking place with her. In therapeutic work, it is important to get rid of the patient's stereotypes, fixed in the mind through cultural images and public opinion. With the correct, competent approach of a psychotherapist, a woman can enter this stage of her life, remaining happy and self-confident!

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