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Giardiasis is an infectious pathology caused by lamblia, the protozoa parasitizing in the small intestine. The disease is common in Asian, African, Latin American countries. But cases of giardiasis are also diagnosed in Europe. Therefore, timely diagnosis of giardiasis in children and adults is extremely important.

Giardiasis is an urgent medical and social problem: about 200 million people are infected with lamblia every year (countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America); clinical manifestations of this disease are recorded in almost 500 million people a year all over the world.

Giardia infection occurs when cysts enter the body through the mouth. This can happen in 3 ways:

1 - water - when using unboiled tap water or from natural sources.

2- Food - through unwashed or non-thermally processed foods, in particular fruits, vegetables.

3- Contact-household - when a person comes into contact with an animal suffering from giardiasis and objects on which there were cysts. For the development of the disease, it is enough for 10 cysts to enter the body. People with low acidity of the stomach are especially susceptible to infection.

The first symptoms of the disease appear after infection after 1-2 weeks, when the parasites begin

actively reproduce and their number increases rapidly. Weight loss is a common sign of infestation. Others depend on the form of the disease. It can be acute and chronic. A headache can signal the appearance of lamblia

 Giardia are single-celled helminths that are microscopic in size. They live in the body of humans, mammals, parasitize in the intestines, duodenum, gallbladder, and liver. Giardia in the liver is especially dangerous. There are 2 forms of existence of lamblia:

Vegetative - flat pear-shaped parasites, the size of which does not exceed 0.02 mm. Parasitizes in the small intestine and other digestive organs. Worms actively move with the help of flagella, feed on the remnants of split food and multiply.

Cysts are a spore form in which the active vital activity of parasites is suspended.

So, let's consider the main manifestations of the intestinal form of giardiasis:

- Ambiguous pain in the right side of the epigastric region;

- soreness in the navel, not associated with meals;

- Paroxysmal pain with nausea and vomiting;

- a feeling of a full stomach, accompanied by bloating;

-decreased appetite;


-steatorrhea - a large amount of fat in the feces (usually with enteritis);


Stool problems: diarrhea (sometimes frothy in nature) can be replaced by constipation and vice versa.

Giardiasis is fraught with such complications:

gastritis - an inflammatory lesion of the gastric mucosa;

duodenitis - inflammation of the duodenal mucosa;

indigestion in the small intestine;

malabsorption in the small intestine.


The prevention of giardiasis disease is based on:

· Processing vegetables and fruits before consumption;

· Observance of personal hygiene;

· Prohibition of the use of water from open reservoirs.

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