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Ascariasis is an infectious disease characterized by damage to the gastrointestinal tract and the development of allergic reactions. Ascariasis refers to helminthic invasions.

Ascariasis is an unpleasant potty finding.
When swarming worms measuring 10-15 cm are found in a pot or a child's chair, even a very strong nervous system of the most persistent and well-worn parent can stagger. this is a very real problem under the scientific name "ascariasis", and the nasty things crawling in the pot are roundworms.

Disease symptoms

-The clinical manifestations of ascariasis are as follows:

-A dry cough appears when roundworms enter the lungs

-Due to the destruction of small capillaries, the cough may be streaked with blood

-In the lungs at this stage, rales of various sizes appear, which are determined during auscultation

- Pains in joints and muscles appear

-Skin itching is a reflection of the body's allergic mood

-Increases fatigue and appears unmotivated weakness

-Nausea and vomiting

- Cramping abdominal pain

-The stool may have a tendency to blood-streaked diarrhea.

Causes of ascariasis

infection with ascariasis is most often possible if the rules of personal hygiene are not followed (disease of dirty hands);

eating dirty fruits and vegetables;

you can get infected with ascariasis when working with soil in the garden and vegetable garden;

ignoring the delivery of feces tests for eggs of worms;

admission to the premises of flies that can carry roundworm larvae;

water from unclean springs;

contact with sick animals.


Lack of timely treatment can lead to various complications, which include:

-Pulmonary bleeding

-Gastrointestinal bleeding

-Acute respiratory failure

-Development of abscesses in internal organs

- Perforation of the intestinal wall

- Severe allergic manifestations in the form of Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock in predisposed patients.

Risk group

Every person who eats fresh fruits and vegetables is at risk. The likelihood of developing ascariasis in agricultural workers is especially increased.

Special manifestations.
With intestinal ascariasis, as in the first phase of the disease, there may be allergic manifestations in the form of a rash like urticaria or dermatitis, an increase in the number of eosinophils, although it is not as high as in the first phase. In this case, there may also be anemia with hypochromia in the blood, that is, a decrease in the color index. Usually there is a drop in blood pressure, and even fainting.

And intestinal and non-intestinal complications of ascariasis can also occur, they are associated with the movement of ascaris and their activity. Basically, these are manifestations of intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation with the development of peritonitis, ascariasis of the liver, ascaris damage to the pancreas and respiratory system. Ascariasis is dangerous during pregnancy, as it causes poisoning of the body, the invasive may have fetal development disorders, toxicosis and complications in childbirth and difficulties in the postpartum period occur.

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