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Restoration of patency of fallopian tubes

The fallopian tubes connect the ovary, where mature eggs are formed, directly to the uterine cavity. With their obstruction, the process of movement of the egg is disrupted, fertilization becomes impossible.

If the male reproductive cells were able to reach the egg, then the embryo, due to its size, cannot descend into the uterine cavity. A serious complication arises - an ectopic tubal pregnancy. This condition requires immediate hospitalization and surgery.

According to statistics, obstruction of the fallopian tubes causes about 25-30% of all cases of infertility and about 6% of cases of ectopic pregnancy.

The likelihood of such a complication as an ectopic pregnancy is affected by the complete or incomplete patency of the oviducts. In the first case, the ovary is completely cut off from the tube and uterine cavity. In the second, the egg cannot penetrate into the uterine cavity, but spermatozoa, as smaller and more mobile cells, can fertilize it. This leads to the development of an ectopic pregnancy.

Causes of tubal obstruction

Among the reasons, one can single out congenital, associated with abnormal development of the genitals, and acquired during a woman's life. The latter can be mechanical and functional.

Treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes

For therapy, three main groups of methods are used.

1. The first one is conservative drug treatment with anti-inflammatory, enzymatic resorption drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures. But it is aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes, restoring the elasticity of the fallopian tubes. This group of methods is effective if the adhesive process began not so long ago and irreversible changes have not yet occurred. Also, drug therapy helps with functional obstruction, when there is no gross physiological defect.
2. The second group of methods is flushing or purging the oviducts (hydrotubation and perturbation). Air or sterile solutions are forced into the pipes under pressure, causing them to expand. This method helps if the adhesions are located inside the oviduct. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, as the washes cause painful sensations.
3. The third method is laparoscopy. This is a surgical operation performed using endoscopic equipment. Multiple magnification allows surgery to be performed on such a thin organ as the fallopian tube, separating adhesions and pointwise removal of areas of endometriosis. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. After it, several punctures remain on the abdominal wall.

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