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About disease

With a hernia of the white line of the abdomen, there is a divergence of the tendons of the muscles located along the midline. The discrepancy of the muscles may not declare itself for a long time, but over time, subcutaneous tissue begins to come out through the cracks, and then parts of the abdominal organs.

Depending on their location, hernias can be epigastric (epigastric), located between the navel and the xiphoid process, paraumbilical (paraumbilical) and hypogastric, located below the navel. Any hernia requires mandatory medical intervention. In the absence of treatment, the pathology progresses, the divergence of the muscles of the abdominal wall increases, and a hernial sac is formed, into which the omentum and intestinal loops fall.

The most serious complication arising from a hernia is infringement of the hernial sac, which can lead to inflammation, necrosis and the development of diseases of the restrained organs (for example, coprostasis).

The reasons

The main reason for the formation of a postoperative hernia is the lack of normal conditions for wound healing. A similar outcome is possible in the following The main reason for the appearance of a hernia of the white line of the abdomen is congenital or acquired weakness of muscle fibers. Pathology is characterized by thinning, the appearance of cracks and diastasis of the rectus muscles of the abdominal wall. In a healthy body, muscle cells are tightly intertwined with each other and with connective tissue.

• Lifting weights;
• Regular physical activity;
• Long-term healing wounds and postoperative scars in the abdomen;
• Obesity;
• Tendency to constipation;
• Physiological features of the structure of muscles (congenital weakness of muscle structures);
• The period of pregnancy, difficult childbirth;
• Concomitant diseases, accompanied by frequent severe cough (whooping cough, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis);
• Tearfulness and prolonged crying in young children.

Treatment of hernia of the white line of the abdomen

Surgery is the only method that can cure a hernia.
Under general anesthesia, the hernial sac is removed with small instruments through several incisions or through a large incision. The organs in it are examined for possible infringement. The intact ones are set into the abdominal cavity, and the areas with pathological changes are removed. Further, the hernia gate is sutured.
Then all this is reinforced with a polypropylene mesh - this avoids the recurrence of bulging. If, during the operation, the strengthening of the defect was carried out with the help of the patient's own tissues, then the hernia of the white line of the abdomen develops again in 20-40% of cases.
If the intervention is carried out when a hernia is infringed, the essence of the operation is the same: remove the excess peritoneum, suture the tendon defect.

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