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The main symptoms of a postoperative hernia

Often, the characteristic symptoms of a hernia appear already at the beginning of the period after surgery. Emergency care is required when a postoperative hernia is pinched and the following symptoms appear:

• Severe abdominal pain,
• Lack of bowel movements, blood,
• Nausea, vomiting,
• Inability to reposition the hernia in the supine position.

Due to the formation of a hernia, various complications arise in the work of the body: infringement, violation of the stool, intestinal obstruction.

What are the reasons for the appearance of a postoperative hernia

A ventral hernia is the result of a previously performed surgical intervention. The determining reasons for its development are:

• Violation of the mode of wearing an anterior bandage in the postoperative period;
• Increased physical activity after surgery;
• Obesity;
• Suppuration, inflammation of the surgical suture;
• Surgical mistakes made during the first operation;
• Insufficient regenerative strength and low immunity;
• Severe cough, vomiting, constipation in the postoperative period.

How is incisional hernia treated?

Postoperative hernias in the early stages are reducible and are not accompanied by pain. However, with a sharp straining, falling, lifting the weight, pains appear and the protrusion increases.
If the hernia progresses, then the pain sensations intensify, sometimes acquiring a cramping character. Along with this, constipation, flatulence, nausea, belching, lethargy of the intestines develop, the activity of patients sharply decreases, fecal congestion is periodically observed, which may be accompanied by intoxication.

Prevention of incisional hernia

• Wearing a bandage after abdominal surgery;
• Proper nutrition;
• Normalization of weight;
• Restriction of physical activity after surgery.

Without effective treatment, even a small hernia significantly complicates normal life. It is necessary to see a doctor at the first sign of discomfort.

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