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Acute appendicitis is an acute inflammation of the inner lining of the appendix. It is the most common cause of acute surgery and most often occurs in 10-30 years.

Pain usually begins with the center of the abdomen, then descends to its lower right side. As a rule, it intensifies within 12-18 hours and becomes very pronounced.

The treatment of appendicitis is the immediate surgical removal of the appendix. Without surgery, it leads to serious complications.


• Aching in the abdomen, which begins with the navel, and then usually moves to the lower right side of the abdomen.

• Short-term nausea, vomiting.

• Loss of appetite, constipation.

• Abdominal pain, which aggravates within a few hours.

• Acute pain in the lower right side of the abdomen that occurs when pressure suddenly drops when palpating.

• Abdominal pain, aggravated by coughing, walking, with sudden movements.

• Soreness of the abdomen in the lower right side when palpating.

• Increase in body temperature to 37.7-38.3 ° C.

• In children under 3 years of age - behavioral changes and refusal to eat, as well as diarrhea and vomiting.

• In elderly patients, symptoms may not be expressed.

The difficulty lies in the fact that typical symptoms are characteristic only for 50% of patients. Sometimes abdominal pain may be absent, not localized on the right side, etc. Atypical symptoms are usually observed in the elderly and pregnant women.


Treatment for appendicitis is the immediate removal of the inflamed appendix. Currently, mortality in appendicitis does not exceed 1%. If treatment is delayed, the risk of death increases.

In most cases, surgery can be performed in a less traumatic way through a small incision in the right lower abdomen. Before surgery, the appointment of antibiotics is recommended. In the case of purulent complications, the scope of the operation can be expanded.

After removing the appendix for several weeks, the following safety precautions should be observed for early healing:

• Avoid physical exertion, support the stomach (by hand) with coughing and laughing so that the stitches do not open;

• Activity should be increased gradually.

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