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Symptoms of panaritium

The first sign of the disease is throbbing pain, swelling and redness of the skin around the nail (in the lower, lateral or upper part). Soon, a bladder filled with pus appears under the skin, and the pain syndrome becomes more and more intense. The area of ​​inflammation of the subcutaneous panaritium is gradually expanding, and the inflammatory process itself goes deeper, spreading to the tendons and joints.

Types of disease

• If a splinter with particles of dirt gets under the nail, then the panaritium develops directly under the nail.

• Periungual felon panaritium often occurs after manicure of nails, when the master injures the skin roller adjacent to the nail.

• Bone felon is often the result of an open fracture or a complication of subcutaneous suppuration.

• Joint felon is localized between the phalanges. This process occurs with limb injuries when putrefactive bacteria enter the joint.

• Tendon panaritium (tendovaginitis) - one of the most severe forms of purulent process. With this disease, the fingers are greatly swollen and lose mobility. It is impossible to straighten them because of severe pain.

Panaritium treatment

It is easiest to cure subcutaneous and periungual panaritium at the initial stage, when a purulent bladder has not yet formed and there is no pronounced swelling. Local antiseptics (baths with furatsilinom or miramistin) are used as medicines. At night, compresses are applied from chamomile, plantain, oak bark. If the patient went to the doctor when the purulent capsule has already formed, then a surgical autopsy is prescribed, followed by washing and drug treatment of the soft tissues.

With subungual panaritium without detachment of the nail plate, the root of the nail or the distal part of the nail is resected (according to indications). If the nail exfoliates, a complete resection is indicated, after which the wound is closed with an antiseptic ointment and a bandage is applied.

Panaritium on toes often develops as a result of nail ingrowth. At the initial stage of the process, the doctor prescribes compresses with antiseptics, dressings with antibacterial ointment, alcohol lotions. With the advanced form, nail resection, opening of tissues with subsequent antiseptic treatment are used.

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