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Purulent sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. The disease is quite common, most often it is a complication of an acute respiratory viral disease or any prolonged nasal congestion (vasomotor rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, etc.). That is, any long-running runny nose and nasal congestion, regardless of the cause of its occurrence, if left untreated, can be complicated by purulent inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.

When it is possible to suspect the development of acute purulent sinusitis:

If amid a runny nose and stuffy nose:

• Headache

• Nasal discharge becomes yellow-green in color, sometimes becoming offensive

• Nasal congestion intensifies

• A feeling of stuffiness or heaviness in the maxillary sinus region (infraorbital region to the right and left of the nose) is attached

• Pain in the projection of the maxillary sinus (facial pain), a feeling of pressure and pain in the maxillary sinus can be aggravated by tilting the head down.

• Often there is a feeling of impossibility to concentrate, a deterioration in overall health

• It is possible to increase the temperature to subfebrile digits (37-37.8 degrees.)

What is the danger of purulent sinusitis?

The best outcome of untreated sinusitis, of course, is an independent recovery, which is really possible, since the body has its own ways of fighting infection. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to clearly predict such an option in each individual patient. If the disease is started, the most common consequence is a transition to chronic purulent sinusitis, the spread of infection into orbit, intracranial complications.


The disease can be caused by various factors:

1. The main reason is a cold and acute respiratory infections, because they are accompanied by a runny nose, and with swelling of the tissues and the accumulation of mucus, a favorable environment is formed for the multiplication of bacteria and fungi.

2. Subcooling and constant exposure to cold air and drafts also lead to colds and a runny nose, which threatens to turn into sinusitis and lead to an exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease.

3. Allergic reactions.

4. Congenital malformations: septum curvature, etc.

5. Injury to the nasal septum and nearby bones and cartilage.

6. Infection with infections, bacteria or fungi.

7. Adenoids and polyps formed in the nasal cavity.

8. Serious diseases such as tuberculosis, radiation sickness, fungus, etc.

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