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Intravenous ozonotherapy can be used both independently and in combination with other methods of treatment.

The practice of the multidisciplinary clinic Gatling Med shows that in most cases the addition of drug therapy with ozone allows you to achieve a more stable and faster result compared to only drug treatment.
After a course of intravenous ozone therapy, the frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases decreases, long-term stable remission occurs, and the therapy itself is tolerated by patients much easier and more comfortable, its side effects are less often recorded.
And another very important point - intravenous ozone therapy can be used without antibiotics!

But that is not all! Ozone is very actively involved in the metabolic process, for example, it is able to normalize the contractile function of the heart. Favorable ozone also affects the work of the kidneys, liver, pancreas. Accelerating the removal of toxins is also one of the merits of ozone. Intravenous ozone therapy is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, ulcers, colitis. As an anti-inflammatory agent, ozone irrigation is used in the treatment of certain urological and gynecological diseases. Ozone is one of the most effective methods to combat cellulite!

Intravenous ozone therapy today is the only method that naturally improves blood microcirculation in capillaries and blood vessels, saturates tissues with oxygen, and lowers blood glucose.

The concentration and volume of injected ozone-oxygen mixture is selected individually by the doctor.

The value of using intravenous ozone therapy lies in the effective prevention of diseases, in the application of chronic organ diseases, as well as accompanying treatment, since ozone allows the drug to better cope with the disease.

The clinical use of ozone therapy intravenously sufficiently affects the strengthening of human immunity. Intravenous administration of ozone regulates the activity of all organs. When the body receives the required amount of ozone, it easily eliminates the infection. If the virus is in a free state, then ozone will destroy it. If the virus is inside the cell, then ozone helps the cell destroy the virus itself. I must say that not one medicine has such an amazing property as ozone.

Distinguish between systemic methods of using ozone therapy and local methods of application.

System methods include:

• Large autohemotherapy (it takes the patient’s blood in special containers with an ozone-oxygen mixture, then the blood is again injected into the patient’s vein);

• Introduction into the patient's vein of ozonized saline solution;

• Small autohemotherapy (when blood is taken into the syringe, and, after
mixing with ozone, injected blood intramuscularly);

• The introduction of an ozone-acid gas mixture subcutaneously.

Local methods include:

• Local exposure to the mucous membrane and skin for the regeneration and disinfection of tissue with furunculosis, dermatomycosis and other skin infections;

• Ozonation of the rectum to normalize intestinal motility;

• Use of "Ozonide" - a special ozonized oil for various skin infections.

• The use of ozonized oil in capsules for the treatment of infections of the stomach;

• Introduction of ozone-oxygen mixture in the treatment of joints.