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In the wide-profile clinic Gatling Med today, the high efficiency of using ozone therapy is established.

Subcutaneous ozone therapy is a safe and effective treatment method, based on the ability of the ozone-oxygen mixture to relieve spasm, inflammation and pain.

The essence of the technique: subcutaneous (up to 1 cm) injection of an ozone-oxygen mixture (injection with a 0.3 mm needle) along the areas of pain, at trigger points, acupuncture points. This method of ozone therapy has found application in cosmetology for the correction of face and body. When treating the face with microneedles, a mixture of oxygen and Medozon is introduced. At the injection site, the doctor makes a massage to better absorb the mixture with tissues. The area of ​​influence is necessarily treated with an antiseptic.

The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, after it you can not touch the face for three hours. It takes 1-2 courses per year for 10-12 procedures with supporting monthly injections. Ozone-based masks and massage oils are also used for the face.

To combat cellulite and local fat deposits, ozone is introduced into the subcutaneous fat in a dosage of 500 ml. Processed areas - buttocks, hips, abdomen, sides. If cellulite is started, it is recommended to combine ozone therapy with massage. Ozone liquefies dense fat deposits, which are then excreted through the lymphatic stream. In the same way, they fight scars and stretch marks, because the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated at the places where ozone is introduced.

Subcutaneous ozone therapy is highly effective for muscle cramps, headache.

In neurology, ozone is used for:

• Tunnel syndromes;

• Myofascial syndrome;

• Vegetative dystonia;

• Migraine;

• Diseases of the peripheral nervous system;

• Neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis of the spine;

• Hernias and protrusions of the intervertebral discs with pain

Subcutaneous ozone therapy does not require special preparation. As a rule, manipulation is accompanied by moderate soreness for several minutes at the injection site. On the day of the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from visiting the shower, bath or sauna. Usually, patients can feel relief almost immediately after a course of treatment, to achieve the effect, 5-7 procedures are recommended after 3-4 days.
Contraindications for subcutaneous ozone therapy are:
• Exacerbation of chronic diseases

• Individual intolerance

• Bleeding of any origin and bleeding disorders

• Thyroid hyperfunction

• Hypoglycemia

• Organic brain pathology

The procedure is not recommended for children, pregnant women, as well as people who have a heart attack less than 6 months ago.