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Ozone therapy can solve a wide range of problems, based on the beneficial properties of ozone

Detoxification - the removal of toxins from your body.

Antimicrobial effects - ozone is able to quickly destroy many varieties of microbes.

Antiviral properties - gas destructively affects viruses, even those that are resistant to antiviral drugs.

The elimination of inflammation, which makes it popular in the treatment of acne.

Lipolysis - partial breakdown of fat cells, acceleration of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat.

Excellent enhancement of redox reactions in the body.

Strong oxidizing effect, reacting with many formations and their subsequent destruction.
Destroys antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In harmful microorganisms, ozone resistance does not occur.

Anesthetic effect during the procedure, since O3 binds to substances that are responsible for the transmission of pain impulses.

Effectiveness in the treatment of vascular pathologies by reducing blood viscosity and thrombosis.

Antihypoxic effect, due to the saturation of blood with oxygen and its quick delivery to the tissue.

Stimulation of the formation of antioxidants, which has a positive effect on the immune system.

Stimulation of ATP synthesis, rapid removal of human fatigue.