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Cervical erosion is an ulcerative formation on the vaginal mucosa of the cervix that occurs due to the replacement of the mucous epithelium with the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal. Externally, the erosion looks like a bright red spot that has formed on the pale pink mucosa of the cervix. This is one of the most common gynecological diseases that affects about half of women of all ages. 


Causes of cervical erosion

There may be several provocateurs for the development of cervical erosion. Most often this is:

  • injuries sustained during childbirth, instrumental abortions, or careless sexual intercourse;
  • hormonal imbalance – a decrease in the level of estrogens in the blood and a sharp increase in estradiol and progesterone also cause loosening of the uterine epithelium and the formation of ulcers on the cervix mucosa;
  • chronic inflammatory processes in the vagina-bacterial infections (chlamydia, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma and ureoplasma) and viruses (papilomavirus or herpes) can damage epithelial cells and cause an inflammatory reaction on the cervix.

Symptoms of cervical erosion

Most often, erosion does not remind you of itself, and women learn about the disease when examined by a gynecologist, but a certain number of patients may have blood secretions.

Laser treatment of cervical erosion in the Gatling-Med clinic in Tashkent allows you to eliminate pathological processes painlessly and with minimal intervention using a laser. The modern method of laser treatment is suitable for women of any age, regardless of their reproductive status.