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Abdominoplasty is a volumetric surgery performed to restore the aesthetic proportions of the abdomen. Abdominoplasty is aimed at excision of excess skin and fat deposits.
Indications for tummy tuck:
* A significant decrease in the tone of the abdominal muscles (usually in the postpartum period).
* The appearance of stretch marks, striae, ie atrophy of the skin as a result of its stretching (observed after childbirth, as well as due to deformation of the skin after a sharp weight gain and subsequent weight loss).
* the appearance of rough postoperative skin scars of the abdomen, the appearance of inguinal or postoperative hernias.
* Excess visceral fat (fat on the anterior abdominal wall).
* The appearance of an "apron" formed of sagging folds of skin and subcutaneous tissue. This aesthetically unpleasant effect occurs as a consequence of most of the above problems, being the most obvious result.
Types of abdominoplasty
There are three types of tummy tuck: 
* Lipoabdominoplasty;
* Miniabdominoplasty;
* Classical abdominoplasty.
The difference between the types of plastic surgery is the amount of work of the surgeon. The operation is usually performed under General anesthesia. The duration, again, depends on the volume of the operation.
There is also a vertical kind of abdominoplasty, which is used in the most severe cases of obesity, in the presence of a plurality of striae, the need to excise a larger area of tissue. This technique requires additional vertical cuts, in addition to horizontal.
Postoperative period
The first day requires the patient to stay in the hospital. The stitches are removed after about two weeks. Thus 1,5-2 months it is necessary to wear the special supporting bandage or a corset, such is full duration of a course of rehabilitation. Any physical activity during this period is excluded, but you can return to your daily routine in about a couple of weeks.

The above describes only some of the nuances of this type of surgery, for more information, please contact us at "gatling-med". Our surgeons, being having 10 years of experience, will not only inform you in detail, but also carry out a proper operation at an affordable price.