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Abdominoplasty is a correction and a reduction in the size of the abdomen by removing excess fat.

Most often, such an operation is carried out in people with a sagging belly as a result of pregnancy, or a drop in a large amount of excess weight, which is strongly reflected in the abdominal region.

Abdominoplasty includes 2 types, that is, extended and limited.

Under the expanded means the change of the localization of the navel. And the limited does not require changing the location of the navel.

On the co-ordination, the surgeon will inquire with the patient's health, his fat deposits in the abdominal area (the front wall of the abdominal cavity), the skin condition, and inform the patient about the type of abdominoplasty and anesthesia that he is going to apply.

Before conducting the operation, the patient needs to pass a number of tests such as:

- General analysis of blood

- General urine analysis

- Blood on the RW

- Blood coagulability

- Fliography


Follow 14 days before surgery to exclude the use of alcohol, tobacco products, take medicines and sunbathe as immunity is given up due to ultraviolet light


Contraindication surgery for humans:

- With sugar diabetes and thyroid disorders

- Pulmonary diseases

- With diseases characterized by low blood clotting

- With complex cardiovascular diseases

- With oncological diseases

- With severe infectious diseases


The operation takes about 3 to 5 hours. With the end of the operation, the patient is transferred to a separate ward for 2 days. High fever, pain, swelling and numbness are considered normal in the postoperative period and pass after time. With the help of physiotherapy procedures, recovery is faster. It is recommended to wear a compressive underwear for 3-4 months and avoid any physical activity. It is advisable in the first week to change the diet of ptniaia to a healthier one, which does not lead to constipation.

Following all the recommendations of the plastic surgeons of the GATLING-MED clinic, you will be able to achieve the desired results forever.