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In the ambulatory surgery of our clinic GATLING-MED a number of diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of various character are presented. Applying for help to our surgeons, you can no longer worry about your health, they will do this for you!

Diagnosis and treatment with lime, in other words, adipocytes

The location of lipomas is in the subcutaneous intermuscular tissue, skin, lungs, bones, brain tissue, in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, myocardium. It mainly occurs in females aged 30 to 50 years. The increase in size is not related to the state of the body, since even with exhaustion the lipomas continue to grow. And sometimes there is a large size of the lipoma, which eventually contributes to the necrosis of tissue and blood stagnation.

Diagnosis is carried out in 2 ways: differential-examination of malignant neoplasms; X-ray - use of long-wave X-rays.

Treatment is carried out only in an operative way, and if there is a prevalence of lipomas, surgical intervention becomes more difficult. The localization of the lipoma and the increase in the size of the lipoma are the main indications for the operation.


Atheroma. Treatment and Diagnosis

In most cases, it is located on the scalp, representing a kind of dense rounded formation. The size of the asterus is different, but more often than not more than 3 cm and do not cause painful sensations when touching. Do not postpone the visit to a doctor after an atheroma has been identified. Otherwise, pus and inflammation can form, and there is also a risk of contracting blood. In the presence of such forms of complications, the doctor opens and eliminates suppuration.

Treatment is only surgical. Atheroma is a subcutaneous formation and it is completely forbidden to squeeze it out, this contributes to an increase in the size of the pathology.

Removal of atheroma is quite painless under local anesthesia. Protocols and capsules are excised and the process of suturing takes place.


Treatment of ingrown nail

The ingrown nail is quite a painful disease. Occurs when a nail plate grows into a nail roller with one or both sides. Treatment of this type of pathology can be both conservative and surgical.

Conservative treatment gives only temporary results and the risk of recurrence is great. In connection with this factor, the most optimal treatment is surgical intervention, which is performed at stages 2 and 3 of the ingrown nail. The operation is carried out under local anethisis and the timing depends on the complexity of the procedure, although usually the operation takes about 20-30 minutes. The area of ​​operation is treated with sterile laundry and local anesthesia is performed. A cut of the nail plate is made, where the surgeon will remove the ingrown portion of the nail by laser means or using a radiowave scalpel. At the end, a tight bandage is applied and the patient is allowed to leave the clinic.

Postoperative healing takes a long time and lasts for a month.