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Anus papillomas are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a widespread disease; according to various sources, 70 to 90% of people carry this infection in themselves. However, in most cases, the virus "sleeps", and is activated when immunity decreases. It is then that the active growth of papillomas occurs.
In the perianal region, HPV manifests itself in the form of genital warts, which usually also affect the human genitals. Often, condylomas are injured and bleed. The virus can be transmitted with blood from damaged genital warts.

In most patients, papillomas and condylomas in the anus are accompanied by the following clinical manifestations:
- burning and itching; 
- painful and unpleasant sensations during bowel movements;
- sensation of a foreign body;
- discomfort while walking or playing sports;
- unpleasant odor;
- a feeling of constant moisture in the anus.

Papillomas and condylomas have a characteristic appearance, therefore, during a visual examination, the doctor can already make an accurate diagnosis, however, to obtain objective information about the patient's health, examination alone is not enough. That is why other methods are included in the diagnostic program, including:
- digital examination of the rectum;
- sigmoidoscopy
- anoscopy
- biopsy followed by histological examination;
- PCR for human papillomavirus, etc.

The diagnosis and treatment of papillomas and warts of the anus is carried out by a proctologist

Pointed papillomas in the anus are prone to recurrence both after conservative treatment with various drugs and after their surgical removal.
Cases of development of squamous cell carcinoma have been described, more often it was noted in the presence of giant warts (Buschke-Levenshtein's tumor) and especially when warts spread to the anal canal. This circumstance dictates the need for a thorough examination of patients before and during surgery to determine the nature and extent of the process and histological examination of removed warts.

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