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Spinal hernia

Prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of joint and spine diseases. Kopmleksnaya therapy and the choice of the most effective method of treatment of a hernia of the spine.


Symptoms and signs of liver disease

In the human body, the liver is a vital organ. It processes food products into useful substances and energy, monitors fat levels, produces hormones and protein necessary for blood clotting, acts as a storage for microelements and vitamins. The defeat of this organ will negatively affect the work of the body as a whole. Consider the main signs of liver disease, methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Attack with vegeto-vascular dystonia: how to help yourself

Sharp weather changes and summer heat affect the autonomic nervous system of a person. In healthy people, the body adapts to a sharp change in weather or climate more smoothly and imperceptibly than in "dystonics." In general, vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD) is not considered as such a disease: this syndrome is classified as a vegetative dysfunction of the cardiovascular system. It turns out a strange situation: the disease as such is not, and hundreds of thousands of people periodically suffer from attacks of dizziness, sudden pressure surges, covering with sticky sweat?