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Catarrhal otitis media

Depending on the age of the patient, catarrhal otitis media proceeds in different ways.

In adults

Adults tolerate catarrhal otitis media much easier for children. It’s easier for them to detect symptoms at an early stage, and a wider range of drugs can be used for treatment. Nevertheless, it is not worth starting the disease so that there are no complications.

Diagnosis of the disease

If you suspect this disease, you need to contact the ENT. He interviews the patient, examines the ear using an otoscope. At the same time, redness of varying degrees is noticeable on the tympanic membrane - depending on the neglect of the inflammatory process. When pressed on it, the patient complains of pain and discomfort. Also, many people with this diagnosis have pain with pressure on the Tragus. In addition to an otoscopic examination, the doctor takes a LHC culture to identify the type of pathogen.

In children

Catarrhal otitis media in children is often an acute inflammation with pronounced symptoms. Children are very at risk of contracting infection because their auditory tube is not fully formed. Because of this, mucus easily gets into it along with the infection, stagnant processes and inflammation develop. Acute catarrhal otitis media is also found in children because their immunity is still not strong enough.

The main danger is that catarrhal otitis media in a child can cause serious complications. The inflammatory process instantly goes to neighboring structures - the inner ear, temporal bone, and meninges. If acute middle catarrhal otitis media is triggered, it can cause irreversible hearing loss in the baby and even death.

The second danger is that the disease becomes chronic, which is very difficult to cure. Because of this, a child may develop partial hearing impairment and developmental delay.

Types of otitis media in a child

Depending on the localization of the inflammatory process, otitis media is divided into external and secondary.


With external otitis media, the development of the inflammatory process is facilitated by the infection on the skin of the auricle and the external auditory canal. This can often occur in a child in the following situations:

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