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Causes of cervical erosion

- Early onset of sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners

- Sexual infections and inflammatory diseases of the female genital area

- Traumatic effects

- Hormonal and immune disorders

Physiological or "congenital" erosion of the cervix, which occurs in young women under 25 years of age, with a tendency to self-healing

Symptoms of cervical erosion

In the overwhelming majority of cases, cervical erosion rarely manifests itself clinically and most often such a diagnosis is a finding during a gynecological examination.

But it so happens that the patients themselves turn to the gynecologist with complaints of bloody discharge that is not associated with menstruation, especially after intercourse. Women may be worried about symptoms such as pain during intercourse and mucopurulent discharge. The latter is due to the fact that inflammatory diseases join erosion, which significantly worsens the course of the disease.

Diagnosis of diseases of the cervix

At the first visit, after a visual examination, the gynecologist can diagnose "Erosion of the cervix." However, a visual examination is not always enough to make sure that your judgments are correct and determine the tactics of treatment, it is necessary to perform a number of diagnostic measures:

- Examination in the mirrors on the gynecological chair;

- Screening for sexually transmitted infections

- Cytological examination of material from the cervix - oncocytology

- Colposcopy - involves examining the cervix with an optical device that allows you to magnify the image several times.

- Biopsy of the cervix - a small piece of cervical tissue is taken, a detailed study of which allows you to establish a final diagnosis

Such a complex of diagnostic manipulations allows the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis and develop the necessary treatment tactics for the patient.

Treatment of cervical erosion

- Anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal drugs, if necessary, antibacterial and antiviral drugs, topical drugs are prescribed. The complex of therapeutic measures also includes drugs aimed at increasing immunity and fortifying.

- Chemical coagulation - the cervix is ​​treated with special preparations that have a cauterizing effect, resulting in a scab

- Cryodestruction - the area of ​​erosion is treated with liquid nitrogen, a thin and very cold manipulator, the damaged area is “frozen” to healthy tissue

- Laser coagulation - the area of ​​erosion is exposed to a targeted surgical laser beam

- Radio wave surgery is the latest achievement in the field of surgical treatment of erosion. Erosion treatment is performed without pressure on the tissue, minimizing damage to it. In addition, electric burns are completely excluded, the radiosurgery technique is not traumatic.

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