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Normally, menopause begins at the age of 45-55 years (on average, at 51 years). There are 3 stages in menopause:

- premenopause - the period during which the production of sex hormones begins to decline until the complete cessation of menstruation (lasts about 2 to 6 years);

- menopause - the last menstruation and the year after it;

- postmenopause - begins after menopause and lasts until the end of life.


There are 3 types of menopause:

- normal (timely) occurs at the age of 45 - 55 years;

- early, including artificial - under the age of 40;

- late - comes after 55 years.

Also, in the course of climacteric syndrome, mild, moderately severe and severe degrees are distinguished.


Symptoms of both normal and early menopause are the same. The only difference is that the early menopause is more difficult.

All signs of climacteric syndrome can be divided into 3 groups:

- neurovegetative;

- metabolic endocrine;

- psycho-emotional.

The first sign of menopause is menstrual irregularities. As a rule, periods occur less often, and alternate with uterine bleeding. But a shortening of the cycle duration is also possible.

Treatment and prevention

The treatment and prevention of climacteric syndrome is carried out by a gynecologist together with an endocrinologist.

Treatment and prevention is based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, rational nutrition with a high content of vegetable fats, vegetables and fruits and the prohibition of coffee and tea.

It is advisable to use herbal teas made from chamomile, mint, oregano and lemon balm. Long daily walks in the fresh air, exercise, yoga, aromatherapy are recommended. Hydrotherapy is useful: dousing, shower, baths with pine needles or sage.

If possible, stressful situations should be eliminated.

You should regularly, twice a year, visit a gynecologist and undergo an examination by an endocrinologist. Women need to monitor their weight, with obesity it is recommended to normalize body weight.


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