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Colitis is an inflammation of the lining of the large intestine. If inflammation occurs not only in the large, but also in the small intestine, then it is called enterocolitis. The disease can be acute or chronic. Infectious, toxic or ischemic lesion of the large intestine leads to the development of an acute or chronic inflammatory process - colitis. The concentration of pathogenic microflora in the organ can increase for various reasons and provoke the appearance of edema, abnormal contraction of the colon wall and other symptoms. With advanced colitis, a pathology develops, which is characterized by the formation of ulcers. The intensity and severity of colitis symptoms depends on the form of the disease. In the acute phase, the symptoms of the disease are very pronounced and grow rapidly. First of all, colitis is manifested by painful sensations, which can increase during walking or running, with mechanical stress and various therapeutic procedures.

Colitis symptoms can be attributed to various causes. The most common triggers are: Getting an infection. With colitis, the cause of the reproduction of pathogenic flora on the mucous membrane of the organ may be the use of food that has expired. An acute reaction of the body to exposure to toxic substances leads to the active multiplication of infection in the intestines. In addition, various infectious agents can enter the body - E.coli, Salmonella, dysentery amoeba and others; Violation of the diet. Symptoms can be caused by a lack of fiber and other nutrients in the body, along with a predominance of low-quality foods. This is a common cause of colitis.


One of the fundamental links in the entire process of treating colitis is diet therapy. This is due to the high degree of irritation of the intestinal mucosa caused by colitis. That is why all the food consumed should be gentle and easily digestible, which will reduce the load on the organ to a minimum and eliminate symptoms. During treatment, the patient can be prescribed antibacterial drugs, the main action of which is to suppress the multiplication of infectious pathogens and their complete elimination. Colitis provokes severe pain, which can be suppressed by pain relievers and antispasmodics. For effective treatment, you should promptly seek help from a medical institution when the first symptoms appear, adhere to the recommendations of the attending physician regarding drug therapy for colitis and the prescribed diet.

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