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Complications after conservative myomectomy

The main disadvantage of partial removal of the tumor is the high risk of re-formation of fibroids after treatment. Even if the operating doctor is sure that the node is completely removed, there is no guarantee that after a certain period of time, a nodular formation will not grow again in the same place or nearby. In addition, the following complicating treatment moments are possible:

- an inflammatory process in the pelvic region, the risk of which is more pronounced after myomectomy;
- formation of adhesions between the uterus and appendages, which can cause adhesive disease and tubal-peritoneal infertility;
- the appearance of a scar, which to some extent may affect the course of future pregnancy.
Of great importance for conservative treatment is the availability of modern endoscopic equipment in the hospital and sufficient experience with a doctor to perform a myomectomy.


Advantages of myomectomy

Unlike hysterectomy, any type of myomectomy has the following advantages:

- preservation of the organ and menstrual function;
- a woman has the opportunity to carry and give birth to a child.
Given the rather high risk of the formation of new nodes, the doctor in most cases advises to try to get pregnant in the near future after myomectomy in order to perform the childbearing function. This is especially important for women with infertility.

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