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In the acute course of cystitis, the following clinical manifestations are observed:

- frequent urge to urinate;

- soreness when urinating;

- feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder;

- pain in the lower abdomen, which can give in the lower back;

- the presence of impurities and discoloration of urine;

- a slight increase in temperature in severe cases.

- In the chronic variant, the only symptom of cystitis may be frequent urge to urinate.

Possible complications of cystitis include:

- the entry of pathogenic flora into the kidneys with the development of pyelonephritis;

- damage not only to the mucous layer of the bladder, but also to the submucosal, muscular layer with their subsequent scarring.



At the Gatling-Med clinic, cystitis is diagnosed by a urologist. Additional research methods are assigned:

- the General analysis of urine for signs of inflammation;

- urine analysis according to Nechiporenko;

- ultrasound examination of the bladder;

- cystoscopy after the disappearance of acute manifestations;

- bacteriological culture of urine to detect pathogenic flora;

- taking a biopsy if necessary;

– for women-conducting a gynecological examination to identify concomitant diseases.



Doctors recommend bed rest for patients with acute cystitis. An important point is the appointment of a diet with a large amount of liquid and a restriction of salt, spicy dishes. For the treatment of::

- antibacterial drugs in accordance with the sensitivity of the selected flora;

- antispasmodics in severe pain syndrome;

- infusions of herbs that have a diuretic effect: cranberries, kidney collection.

In the treatment of chronic cystitis, the doctor determines the causes that provoked the disease and will eliminate the foci of chronic infection. In addition, it is possible to use antibacterial therapy after appropriate studies.


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