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In the treatment and diagnosis of the nose, services such as:

1. Rinse the nose.

Rinsing of the nasal cavity by moving (method "Cuckoo"). This method is performed with adenoids, polyps, allergic rhinitis, with a cold, with various infections in the nasal passages, tonsillitis and sinusitis, frontalitis, etmoiditis, sphenoiditis. The washing procedure is contraindicated for patients with persistent nose bleeding and epilepsy. The washing is carried out by slowly pouring warm antiseptic solution through one nostril while sucking the same solution together with pus and mucus with vacuum instrumentation of the other nostril. With this washing, the pathological secret is removed along with allergens, microbes and dust. Improves the movement of mucus and the work of cells of the ciliated epithelium of the mucosa. It is possible to reduce swelling and inflammation. Also, the nose is washed in patients who are in the postoperative period who have undergone surgery on the maxillary sinus.

2. Removal of adenoids.

The procedure is recommended surgically because this method is most effective and safe. And medication can be delayed for a long period, as for conservative methods, they relieve only temporarily and the disease recurs. Doctors otlaryngologists at the clinic GATLING-MED, taking into account the modern endoscopic technique of the operation, carefully take a sip to the pharyngeal tonsil, keeping the healthy part of the amygdala as the most important immune organ.

3. Hymorotomy.

Treatment of maxillary sinusitis and removal of a cyst or other body from the maxillary sinus. The operation can be performed through the gingiva or nasal cavity. With physiological, harmless and non-affecting external defects of endoscopic technique, you can be sure of the safety of the operation, which does not require incisions. The operation is prescribed to patients who have a cyst of concern and those who are prescribed an upper jaw implant.

An operation is performed around the clock, but if there are obstructions to the nasal sinus, it can last.

4. Correction of the nasal septum.

Septoplasty, that is, correction of the nasal septum is recommended to be done by those who have difficulty in breathing, in the presence of diseases such as rhinitis, chronic sinusitis and otitis. The operation is carried out within two three hours. It is not necessary to treat this problem gently, since with a shortage of 25-30% oxygen can lead to such consequences as ischemic disease of the brain and heart.

5. Intralesial blockade.

It is performed with acute inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses, with vasomotor rhinitis, with phlegmon of the root of the tongue, with swelling of the face and with trigeminal neuralgia.