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Treatment and diagnostics of throat diseases include the following services:

1. Removal of sulfur plugs.

The simple reasons for the appearance of sulfur plugs are a narrow gap, a tortuous move, the cleaning of the ears (since they are worth washing), the use of vacuum headphones. In particular, sulfur plugs are predisposed to those people who have noticed increased production of earwax. The most optimal symptom is water. That is, when it penetrates into the ear, a person's hearing decreases because the water promotes cork swelling and complete overlapping of the ear canal. Noises in the ears, dizziness, headaches and nausea also indicate that a visit to the ENT should be arranged.

2. Blowing through the Politzer.

3. Catheterization of the auditory tube.

It is performed in pacinths with non-nasal and unilateral diseases of the auditory tubes. Symptoms are hearing impairment, distortion of perception of sounds and pain in the ears with otitis. At the beginning of the procedure, anesthetic preparations are made and further steps are carried out with the help of three instruments (Politzer balloon, Hartmann cannula, Lutze otoscope).

4. Washing of the ear.

Thanks to the great experience of GATLING-MED clinic doctors, the ears are washed with extreme caution, since the indelicate approach can follow with serious consequences including: violation of the skin of the canal and tympanic membrane and the development of inflammatory processes.

Children and people with heightened sensitivity are anesthetized, since the procedure is not painful. The procedure is carried out using a syringe with a volume of up to 150 ml. And boiled water with the addition of furacilin.