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Causes of endometritis


reduced immunity;

the presence of chronic infections;

injury to the uterus and cervix;

non-compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene;

sexual intercourse during menstruation;

use of an intrauterine device.


Acute inflammation is characterized by:

pain in the lower abdomen;


increased body temperature;

liquid pus-like discharge (sometimes sukrovichnye).


There are different types of endometritis, to determine the causative agent of the infection, the doctor conducts a microbiological study of the endometrial scraping with the determination of the sensitivity of the flora to antibacterial drugs.
For diagnosis, the following procedures are performed:



diagnostic curettage of the uterine mucosa (performed on day 7-10 of the menstrual cycle).


The choice of medications depends on the results of a microbiological study of endometrial scraping, the extent of inflammation and the severity of symptoms.
The basis of treatment is made up of antibacterial drugs. In the presence of a viral infection (more often the herpes simplex virus), in accordance with the clinical picture, the doctor prescribes antiviral drugs.

At the same time, based on the data of the immune and interferon status, the correction of immune disorders is performed.

The next step of therapy is to restore the structure of the endometrium. This stage takes quite a long time, physiotherapy, hirudotherapy, hormone replacement therapy can be used.


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