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Types of infertility

There are several types of pathology that differ in the clinical picture and severity of the course.

- Primary

This is a type of pathology when a woman has never become pregnant. The main causes are congenital abnormalities of the development of the genitals, genetic and chromosomal defects.

- Secondary

It is also called "acquired". Occurs when a woman was already pregnant, but it is not possible to re-conceive a child. The main causes that lead to this ailment are past somatic diseases, psychiatric pathology, and exposure to environmental factors.


- Psychogenic

- Royal jelly

- Hormonal

- Polycystic disease

- Age


anamnesis collection, blood and urine analysis, biochemical examination, cytological examination of the cervix, bacterioscopic and bacteriological examination to exclude the inflammatory process in the woman's body.

Study of the hormonal profile in the blood.

Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.

Also, if necessary, check the patency of the fallopian tubes.

Ways to treat female infertility

Depending on the type of infertility, different methods of correction can be used.

Methods of operative technologies (hysteroscopy, laparoscopy) can be used for the uterine factor of infertility.

In the treatment of infectious diseases, antibacterial therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

The method of treatment of psychogenic infertility is psychotherapy.
Induction of ovulation. It is used for the endocrine female factor of infertility, which is accompanied by a violation of ovulation. Medications are prescribed that cause the growth of the dominant follicle and ovulation.

With the help of such methods, every woman will be able to get pregnant, carry and give birth to a healthy child.

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