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Gouty arthritis: diagnosis and therapy

The manifestation of signs of gout and the treatment of the disease depends on the intensity of the development of the pathology. Diagnostic measures begin with the collection of anamnesis. The doctor determines the presence of chronic diseases, genetic predisposition, provoking factors, lifestyle and eating habits. The signs and treatment of gout in men and women are similar. Laboratory and instrumental studies consist of:

- blood tests (general and biochemical);

- general urinalysis;

- synovial fluid studies;

- study of the level of uric acid;

- determination of serum urate levels;

- bacteriology of synovial fluid;

- joint punctures (as prescribed by a doctor);

- MRI of the joints;

- Ultrasound of the joints;

- MRI of the kidneys;

- Ultrasound of the kidneys.


Purpose of treatment

For the disease gout, treatment is prescribed depending on the results of the tests. Therapy is prescribed by a rheumatologist. Gout cannot be completely cured. With the help of maintenance therapy and compliance with medical recommendations, nutrition control, you can stop painful attacks, their intensity and regularity of occurrence. For gout, the clinical recommendations are to use pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. The main task is to stabilize the level of uric acid in the blood and reduce the amount of crystalline deposits.

Conditionally, the treatment of gout can be divided into three stages:

- relief of an acute attack and reduction of pain syndrome;

- prevention of the development of the disease;

- prevention of pathology.

The medicine for gout is prescribed by a rheumatologist, depending on the severity of the attack, the number of affected joints, and the presence of kidney failure. In drug therapy in different combinations and concentrations used: colchicine, prednisone, NSAIDs, intra-articular corticosteroids, inhibitors of xanthine oxidase, etc. Treatment of gout on the legs in men and women largely depends on the observance of a special diet.

Treatment of gout at home involves the implementation of medical recommendations: taking medications according to the prescribed scheme and following a diet on a regular basis.


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